Are you achieving everything you want for your remote learners?

Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com

As we approach half term, now might be a good time to reflect on your remote learning offer. Here are a few simple yet powerful questions to help you do just that.

Anybody who has ever worked with me will know that I am a big fan of Simon Sinek’s ‘Golden Circle’ model.  It is a very simple model, that looks like this:


The purpose behind what we are doing


The way we do things


The products, services, things we are offering

The main message behind Sinek’s golden circle is that we need to start from the inside and work our way outwards.  We need to start with WHY.

I have applied the golden circle model to remote learning, and created a set of questions to help you reflect on your offer. 

Answer each question with two or three bullet points.


  • What is the purpose of remote learning for our school community? 
  • What did we want to get from it in the wider sense?
  • What is important about remote learning for us? 

The answers you give should be based on the needs of your unique community.

How / Implementation

  • How do we deliver our remote learning? 
  • What is the structure of our remote learning package? 
  • What is the flow of our remote learning?

Here you might include some commentary about the physical act of delivering your remote learning, but also you might like to consider the style of learning you are offering e.g., open-ended projects, problems to solve, practical activities, workbooks etc.

You might also want to consider the range of subjects that you are offering:

  • Is our remote learning offering our children a broad range of curriculum subjects? 
  • Does our remote learning look the same every week, or is there variety to keep children engaged?

What / Impact

  • What difference do we want our remote learning to make?
  • What do we want our children to learn?
  • What it is important for our children to maintain while they are at home?

Be specific here about what you want your children to achieve.

Think about the key things that you would like your children to be able to do, know or say at the end of the remote learning period, the project, or the learning session. 

The answers you give here should reflect your WHY.

Now reflect by rating each answer on a scale of 1 – 10
– with 10 being “yes we’re brilliant at this”, and 0 being “we’ve missed it completely”.

From this scaling activity you will be able to highlight your priorities in celebrating and improving remote learning.

Need more help? I offer 90-minute online sessions where we can dive deeper into these questions and work on any school specific issues.  I have 10 discounted slots available during March – £150 per session. If this sounds like it would benefit you, contact me to find out more:

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