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Evolve Your Curriculum

Create the right curriculum to meet the needs of your children, your school, and your community. Whether you are starting from scratch, reviewing foundation subjects, or delving into science, humanities or arts, work with me to build your bespoke curriculum.

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Ignite Your Vision

Plan for success by crafting a clear vision of your desired direction and destination in this 90 minute 1:1 session. Suitable for any leader, any subject, any stage.

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Motivate Middle Leaders

Inspire your middle leaders to move their subjects forward with passion and direction.

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Communicate With Clarity

Achieve clarity and consistency with simple and effective written communications that make your vision clear to all.

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Coaching For Change

Support your staff to realise their potential through 1:1 coaching.

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Strengthen Your Science

Increase the profile and raise the quality of science in your school.

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“Played an important part in Ryecroft’s journey to outstanding

I have worked with Claire for a number of years. She is inspiring, thoughtful and creative and puts outcomes for children at the heart of what she does. She thinks outside the box and offers creative solutions to a wide variety of problems; her great gift is being able to empower others to see solutions for themselves. She played an important part in Ryecroft’s journey to outstanding in 2014. She listened to us, challenged our thinking and understood that all the children at our school needed a curriculum special to them.
As leaders we need to be challenged, nourished and guided. Claire does all three of these exceptionally well! She believes that rigour and structure are the key to success yet at the same time understands that we must never stop remembering that we are here for children and that there should be no ceiling placed on them achieving their potential!

– Chris Tolson, former Acting Head

Ryecroft Primary Academy

“Reshaped my thinking”

Claire came all the way to London to support Kilburn Grange School in developing our science curriculum. Claire’s common sense approach to planning is accessible and inspiring. She has reshaped my thinking about the science curriculum, as she challenges you to think about the WHY not just the HOW.  Claire has a very clear insight into developing a school’s curriculum and has a wealth of ideas to bring the science curriculum to life.  She works with the ethos of the school and personalises the curriculum for the needs of the school. Claire thinks outside the box and finds creative ways to make teaching and learning cross-curricular, practical and engaging. I wholeheartedly recommend Claire if your school is on a journey to developing your curriculum.

Helen Khinich, Deputy Headteacher at Kilburn Grange School

Kilburn Grange School