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Evolve Your Curriculum

Create the right curriculum to meet the needs of your children, your school, and your community. Whether you are starting from scratch, reviewing foundation subjects, or delving into science, humanities or arts, work with me to build your bespoke curriculum.

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Ignite Your Vision

Plan for success by crafting a clear vision of your desired direction and destination in this 90 minute 1:1 session. Suitable for any leader, any subject, any stage.

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Motivate Middle Leaders

Inspire your middle leaders to move their subjects forward with passion and direction.

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Communicate With Clarity

Achieve clarity and consistency with simple and effective written communications that make your vision clear to all.

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Coaching For Change

Support your staff to realise their potential through 1:1 coaching.

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Strengthen Your Science

Increase the profile and raise the quality of science in your school.

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“Fantastic coaching – it has allowed me to find the answers myself”

Claire Holt worked with me for a year on coaching. She was asked to coach me in order to help me with leading my subject which subsequently would help support and strengthen myself and the management team. It was initially meant to be for a term but because the head teacher and other outsiders could see the positive impact it was having on the school and the progress not only I was making, but the subject I was leading, she was asked to support me for the rest of the year.

I had never heard of coaching before but I can honestly say it was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Not only has Claire helped me develop professionally and support me with leading my subject but she has helped me develop as a class teacher. I did  struggle at times with finding the positives, managing my time well which led to not having the best work life balance and many other things. Through Claire’s fantastic coaching it has allowed me to find the answers myself and work out how I actually want to be at work, what type of teacher/leader I want to be which has had a huge positive impact in both my class teaching and leadership and I am a much better teacher and leader for it. This has also impacted on my relationships outside of school. Colleagues, friends and family have all commented on the changes I have made this year and I would recommend Claire Holt to anyone!

– Elizabeth

Primary School Maths Leader

“Clearer vision of where the school needs to go”

Really useful meeting: have come away with a list of actions and a vision! Love the “Big Picture”. An excellent session as usual.

Engaging, exciting, lots of information, next steps in regards to leadership.

Lots of great ideas for re-engaging staff and refocusing through staff meetings.

Fab ideas for up-to-date books / resources.

Great to meet other people and assess whereas a school we are, great presentation and useful resources, clearer vision of where the school needs to go with science.

Thanks for today, my INSET day is sorted. I have new ideas and material.

Really informative, and as always you were flexible to the needs of the group.

Useful to learn about process of science, resources and links were good quality.

Science Lead Network Meetings