Evolve your curriculum

Evolve Your Curriculum

The 2019 OfSTED framework placed much greater emphasis on the curriculum, with a view to ensuring that children are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to meet their needs.

Your school’s curriculum is the ‘diet’ that is offered to your children as they progress through school. It is vital that it meets the needs of your children, as well as OfSTED. 

Let me join you to create a bespoke curriculum that is relevant, purposeful and engaging. Let’s look together at the strategy that you wish to implement from Nursery to Year 6.

We will explore and tailor each subject for your children and your school’s circumstances. We will then break this down into learning sequences over the coming weeks, term and year.

Together, we will look at the fine detail of what and how the children will learn vocabulary, develop social skills and improve their knowledge and understanding.

Package Costs


We will reflect on how well your current provision, overall, meets your children’s needs, as well as identifying the strategies that are working well and those which require a new approach. We will end the day having made key decisions about the necessary updates to be made to your school’s curriculum to ensure that it is engaging and ambitious.

6 hours – £550

I will join curriculum or subject leaders to discuss specific areas for improvement, reviewing your current practices and crafting a curriculum in these particular areas. We will end the day with a refreshed plan for these areas of school.


6-12 hours – £550 to £1100


Starting from scratch, we will really look at what your school needs to meet the children’s needs, and discuss in detail what the right curriculum looks like for your setting. From start to end, let’s map out and create a bespoke curriculum that is right for your school community, empowers your staff and meets OfSTED requirements.

Starting at £550, cost and duration will depend on scope of work


“I have worked with Claire for a number of years. She is inspiring, thoughtful and creative and puts outcomes for children at the heart of what she does. She thinks outside the box and offers creative solutions to a wide variety of problems; her great gift is being able to empower others to see solutions for themselves. She has listened to us, challenged our thinking and understood that all the children at our school needed a curriculum special to them. As leaders we need to be challenged, nourished and guided. Claire does all three of these exceptionally well! She believes that rigour and structure are the key to success yet at the same time understands that we must never stop remembering that we are here for children and that there should be no ceiling placed on them achieving their potential!”

Chris Tolson, Headteacher at Academy St James

“Claire has challenged us to think about our curriculum in a different way, drawing on her wealth of experience and passion for STEM. All staff – from teachers to Senior Leadership team – have found her inspirational to work with and able to offer incisive feedback that has really helped move our teaching and thinking techniques along. Claire’s ability to coach the staff she has worked with has led to them being able to make reflective and insightful comments about their own areas for development, which has led to much longer lasting impact from our CPD. Claire really worked hard to understand what the vision of our school was and what all staff wanted it to be and has helped us with realising this – particularly leading to our last OfSTED, which successfully endorsed the changes we have made. We are looking forward to working with Claire again to take this even further!”

Kathryn Law, Headteacher

“Claire’s common sense approach to planning is accessible and inspiring. She has reshaped my thinking about the science curriculum, as she challenges you to think about the WHY not just the HOW. Claire has a very clear insight into developing a school’s curriculum and has a wealth of ideas to bring the science curriculum to life. She works with the ethos of the school and personalises the curriculum for the needs of the school. Claire thinks outside the box and finds creative ways to make teaching and learning cross-curricular, practical and engaging. I wholeheartedly recommend Claire if your school is on a journey to developing your curriculum.”

Helen Khinich, Deputy Headteacher at Kilburn Grange School