Claire’s Approach

Claire’s approach at your school

Claire creates a safe, creative space that promotes exploration, participation and enthusiasm.

She builds confidence to promote a sense of purpose which aligns leaders, teachers and support staff to the school values. They are then empowered to deliver the very best learning experience possible for children.

Teaching from the Heart is based around five key principles


Facilitating school leaders to allow their expertise, insights, and aspirations to surface. Supporting them to make these ambitions a reality.


Training, motivating and inspiring teachers and children to find the fun and put the creativity back into teaching and learning.


Bringing clarity to often over complicated processes, removing barriers to progress and drilling down to what is important. Providing solutions that are simple and proven to work.


Working alongside teachers to provide highly focused, high-quality support and challenge to improve their teaching and learning.


Effective coaching techniques to help both new or more experienced middle leaders improve their confidence and effectiveness.