Communicate with clarity

Communicate with clarity

Well written communications within a school will engage staff and encourage consistency in practice and performance.

Communications that are clear and effective provide purpose, avoid confusion, build a positive school culture, and create accountability.

My Communicate with Clarity package will transform lifeless subject policy documents into dynamic presentations that are simple, memorable and effective, ready to share, and easy to integrate.

Package Costs (*may increase depending on scope of work)


Your current policies and practices meet the needs of the school, but the documents are lifeless and never really browsed.

Let me transform them so that they become clearer, more engaging, and easy to digest. Perfect to share with staff and governors.

From £550*

Your current policies and practices don’t meet your school’s needs, and don’t reflect your vision.

Let’s work together to capture your strategy, identify key messages, and create guides that are simple, effective and easy to understand.


From £1100*


You don’t have a policy document that reflects the work you are doing, or you feel that the documents you do have are not allowing your school to move forward.

Let’s analyse your strategy, identify key messages, and create a guide that is simple, effective and easy to understand. This work takes the subject leader on journey that transforms their understanding of the subject, how it is delivered, and the impact it has on the children.

Starting at £1650*


“Claire helped me make sense of a jumble of ideas in my head and I have left these sessions with a better understanding of my next steps and how to achieve them. Claire has helped me simplify tasks that seemed daunting. It has been useful talking these through with her and using her knowledge and expertise to keep things clear, visual and simple to understand. These are useful skills I will continue to apply within other areas of my subject leadership.”

Ella, Writing Leader – Silver: reworking a current writing policy