Coaching for Learning

Developing pedagogy – how to be a great teacher every day

Whatever stage you are at in your teaching career, I can:

  • support you to develop your understanding of pedagogy
  • work with you to plan learning sequences and individual lessons
  • help you to connect first with yourself, and then with your learners
  • work with you to draw out what you want your children to learn, and plan how to get them there
  • work alongside you in the classroom to help you understand how your children learn, and therefore how to teach them

Developing yourself as a learner

However old or young you are, and whatever you are learning, I can:

  • support you to explore and understand how you learn best
  • work with you to identify where you want to get to, and how you might get there
  • help you to unpick learning materials, and reframe them in a format makes most sense to you
  • coach you through any “tricky” bits

Case Studies

Coming soon!