Claire Holt worked with me for a year on coaching. She was asked to coach me in order to help me with leading my subject which subsequently would help support and strengthen myself and the management team.

Elizabeth – Primary School Maths Leader

For the last ten years, Claire has been one of the major consultants working with Westminster Primary School for Science and the Curriculum. During this time, as Science co-ordinator, I have worked closely with her as we have developed a cross-curricular approach to our teaching. She has shown us how to make lessons fun, practical … Continue reading Rachel Shoulder, Assistant Head and Science Co-ordinator, Westminster Primary School, Bradford

Rachel Shoulder, Assistant Head and Science Co-ordinator, Westminster Primary School, Bradford

Lots of practical ideas to use in the classroom to help raise the profile of science in my school. An excellent course – thank you.

Participants at a Primary Science Coordinator Meeting delivered by Claire Holt

Claire and I have worked together to provide and develop a purposeful, bespoke curriculum for our children at Knowleswood Primary School. She has given staff the confidence to be creative in developing the curriculum, whilst focusing on the key ways children learn.

Matt Birkett, Deputy Headteacher, Knowleswood Primary School

Really useful meeting: have come away with a list of actions and a vision! Love the “Big Picture”. An excellent session as usual.

Feedback from Science Leader Network Meetings

Great practical ideas across the age ranges – refreshing different approaches to science

Feedback from Science Training Day, September 2016

Fab! Very informative and enjoyable. Thank you very much – a breath of fresh air.

Feedback from a Bespoke Science Training Programme, 2016

Great session, very inspiring and helped me to see the why. Lots that I can take away and use in the classroom.

Feedback from “Bringing Learning to Life” NQT Workshop, 2016

I have worked with Claire for a number of years. She is inspiring, thoughtful and creative and puts outcomes for children at the heart of what she does. She thinks outside the box and offers creative solutions to a wide variety of problems

Chris Tolson, former Acting Head of Ryecroft Primary Academy

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. I met with Mrs Clare Holt on Tuesday 31.1.17 at Priestthorpe Primary School in Bingley. I was very impressed in how Mrs Holt delivered her Science Workshop with year 4 children (I volunteer at the school). The task set involved them working as a team with an adult. We were sent to various parts of the building and asked to talk about certain types of articles that suppply electricity and the importance of these in our daily lives. The children were very enthusiastic and Mrs Holt really grabbed their attention. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of this Workshop and found it very beneficial. I would highly recommend her expertise and experience.

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