Westminster Primary School

No time is wasted and she provides value for money”

For the last ten years, Claire has been one of the major consultants working with Westminster Primary School for Science and the Curriculum. During this time, as Science co-ordinator, I have worked closely with her as we have developed a cross-curricular approach to our teaching. She has shown us how to make lessons fun, practical and inspirational; for example she has led staff development sessions showing us how to expand our teaching into areas beyond the classroom.

Lessons which used to be dull and worksheet based are now, thanks to her, practical, inspirational and, most importantly, memorable for the children. This is the result of her two-fold approach to bringing about change. Firstly, she persuaded staff to attend her courses where she explained new approaches to science teaching but then she followed this theory with visits into school when she demonstrated how to put her ideas into action.

Staff warm to her easy-going, friendly personality. Her inter-personal skills are excellent and she manages to make everyone feel known by her. Given the number of schools she visits and the large number of staff she sees in the course of a year, this is no mean feat. She is well prepared for each visit, able to pick up from where she left off on her previous time in school. This means no time is wasted and she provides value for money.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Claire Holt to work with staff and children in your school.

– Rachel Shoulder, Assistant Head and Science Co-ordinator