My favourite books for using to teach primary science

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I’m often asked for recommendations for books to help teachers with science. Here I’ve created a document for you to download with a few of my favourites that are great for ideas, subject knowledge or to have in the classroom for children to read.

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Connection, connection, connection

Dearly beloved teachers, educators and leaders, As you begin this new school year with the inevitable focus on development plans, OfSTED, assessment, the curriculum, new initiatives and so on, remember the most important element of your job is the people.  Those little human beings in front of you in the classroom, playground or dining hall,… Continue reading Connection, connection, connection

The Art of Adjusting

When discussing the changes and challenges in life with my coach, she often talks about the autopilot on a plane that makes continuous adjustments to speed, altitude and attitude of the aircraft so that it maintains a constant profile and arrives safely at its destination. Teaching also requires the teacher to learn the subtle ‘Art… Continue reading The Art of Adjusting