My name is Claire Holt

And I believe we all have the answers to our own questions; we all have the ability to learn.

My consultancy will help you to draw out what it is that you want for yourself, for your children, and for your school, as well as providing practical strategies for putting it into action.

I can help you to start with “Why?” and reconnect with the real point of teaching – to connect with the human beings in your care, and help them discover the learning within themselves.

What I offer

  • I work alongside your teachers to provide highly focused, high quality support and challenge to help them improve their teaching and learning
  • I support you to raise standards by training, motivating and inspiring your teachers and pupils to find the fun and put the creativity back into teaching and learning
  • I start from where you are…as a school, as a team, as an individual
  • I help you to bring your insights to the surface and support you to do something with it (coaching, facilitating, mentoring)
  • I offer you solutions that are simple and proven to work
  • I make it simple; by removing barriers, and by finding out what’s important
  • I coach leaders to improve their confidence and effectiveness